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Masturbation is self-pollution. This is a very impure or sinful act. Masturbation is one of those secret sins that people sneak up on like thieves and are ashamed to reveal. said our prophet “The best character is a virtue. The things that make you angry and that you don't like to reveal to people are sins. " (Muslim)

Harmful aspects of masturbation

One of the main problems that can occur during masturbation is: [1] If a man masturbates, he gradually becomes impotent, that is, becomes impotent to have sexual intercourse.

[2] Another problem is premature ejaculation, which causes husbands to be dissatisfied with their wives. The marriage did not last long.

[3] Sperm during premature ejaculation Decreased sperm count. Well, the number of spermatozoa in semen is less than 20 million. This causes infertility (ejaculate is sperm cells, numbering about 420 million. According to Health Science, if a man has less than 20 million sperm, then the man cannot have children. )

[4] Excessive masturbation weakens the male genitalia.

Dr. Lau says - "Excessive masturbation can cause dramatic changes in body chemistry" → and other damage to the body - 1) The nervous system, heart, digestive system, urinary tract, and other systems are affected. The whole body becomes weak, the body becomes sick – it becomes a Bailey museum.

2) Eye damage.

3) Memory loss.

4) Headaches, etc. The problem is caused by masturbation.

5) Another problem is sperm leakage. This means that a small amount of arousal fluid comes out of the genitals.

How does masturbation affect the kidneys?

Masturbation is a natural and healthy sexual expression. However, people with certain medical conditions or who masturbate frequently or excessively may experience some effects on the kidneys. When it comes to the effects of masturbation on the kidneys, there are two main problems: dehydration and overstimulation.

Both of these conditions can lead to kidney failure or damage if left untreated. A major concern for people who masturbate regularly or excessively is dehydration. The body needs at least eight glasses of water a day for all systems to function properly, including the kidneys, which help filter all the waste from our system. If we don't drink enough fluids, our bodies become dehydrated and unable to filter toxins properly, increasing the risk of kidney stones in our system, as well as other health problems such as urinary tract infections (UTIs). If left untreated, a UTI can lead to more serious conditions such as chronic bladder infections and pyelonephritis (kidney infection)

Overstimulation is also a possible side effect of excessive masturbation, which can damage the kidneys over time, reducing the ability to effectively process toxins through urination. This is because if you masturbate too often or too intensely, your body releases cortisol (a stress hormone) which shrinks the walls of the bladder, preventing it from emptying completely during urination, and causing congestion in the system. builds up and can eventually reach your kidneys if not treated quickly with antibiotics prescribed by your doctor.

Does masturbation decrease testosterone?

Testosterone is the main male hormone, but it is also present in small amounts in women. It plays an important role in regulating libido, fertility, mood, and muscle mass. Low testosterone can cause symptoms such as low energy, poor concentration, loss of muscle mass and strength, decreased libido, depression, irritability, and trouble sleeping.

The exact link between masturbation and testosterone levels is unclear, but some studies have shown that men who masturbate regularly have lower testosterone levels than men who do not masturbate 1. This may be due to the loss of sperm, which contains many hormones, including testosterone 2, due to frequent ejaculation. The body can then produce more hormones to compensate for the loss, which can reduce the total production of these hormones. Other studies have looked at how the lack of ejaculation affects hormone balance, with mixed results; while some reported a 4.5 reduction, others showed no association 6 7 8.

How to stop masturbation?

I have some tips and tricks for single people who are struggling to maintain the integrity of their character because eye care is full of laziness and prostitution. I hope this helps.

1. Pray five times. It must be maintained, even with difficulty. Allah says in the Qur'an that this prayer is adultery, which is prevented five times by believing in this promise of Allah. To be continued in the service. Washing five times, five times during prayer, preparing five times for prayer, going to the mosque, five times many people in line at the mosque Standing together and praying is one of them. There is a divine feeling. If this practice is maintained, it is the will of Allah to put a shield in the mind against all forms of fornication.

2. If you have engaged in secret indecent acts, find out when the crime occurred For example, work can be done while someone is at home, instead of leaving it while you visit a certain place when you are with certain friends. This time those people, the place they are identified, close your eyes and turn them off. Avoid it by all means, even if it hurts. Try it for at least a month and you will get results. Don't go to your friends, forget that those places don't go 3. Always be busy. Don't cut your free time If you are lazy, you will come up with a lot of bad ideas. Always study Quran, and Sunnah, Islam can't. exercise, cook, be yourself If creative skills are the time to give basically never alone, can not be idle. 4. Always wear a beard, hat, and Islamic dress. This is a very important and effective way to do bad things, but not for every girl, if you can continue, you will find that looking bad, seeing bad things, seeing bad things, saying bad things, and going to bad places have stopped. Not out of piety, but out of fear of society. However, you cannot commit adultery, InshAllah, the fear in the eyes of these people is what the fear of Allah will never be. 5. Facebook is currently one of the media for prostitution. TV, YouTube, Internet, etc. Unless there is an extremely important need, it is best to avoid it. But I know it doesn't take one or two people to do this job. In this case, there are a couple of options - to use ad blocking on Facebook and YouTube. No pictures Use Facebook - Don't use your smartphone unless it's an emergency. Now again many people are benefited from Islamic apps and you will say that smartphones are very useful for them. In this case, smartphones have sim cards and internet. You can turn off the connection.

6. There is no network in the single room, that is, the network line will not be like that, and one person can use it secretly. You can't keep your Wi-Fi router If you're using broadband, it should be. You cannot use it secretly in a place where one person is. Set up your computer screen so everyone else in the house can see it 7. There is no need to read newspapers and magazines without an urgent reason. 8. Religious studies will be internet-based, google is not needed, the page differs from page to page, other things also come, and one or two souls in the illusion on the other side can also enter the page.

9. Frequent Facebook users are a select few. For the rest, please check the front page yourself, you can unfollow everyone. Do not continue scrolling the HUDAI website. It also shows various garbage 10. Spend more time with godly brothers. 11. Learn to read more books. Always complicated You don't have to read academic religion books. Some books are sometimes funny or casual, and you can also read letters. 12. Those of you in school, college or university don't sit in class like that. Eyes can easily fall on girls. Like not sitting behind girls. Best if you can sit on the front bench Of course, in that case, the teacher is Mrs. Yang... There's another problem. In general, choose a seat where eyes do not easily fall on girls.

13. Do some nafl service every night. Certainly not a bit. Even for two beans. And do it consistently. Do zikr and dua as soon as possible and try to recite the Quran daily, especially after dawn. And make it a daily habit, they have a huge impact on people's psyche. They purify the heart little by little every day.

14. Salutation to Allah in all circumstances. We are helplessly unhappy. Take care of yourself We are powerless to do so. Such a great lord seeks refuge, especially accepts Dua at that time his faith, works, protection of eyes, adultery
More on hold than work Earn more money. 15. If you commit a sin, pray and repent immediately in two prayers. Ask God for forgiveness daily Those who indulge in repeated evil are temporarily satanic. Deceive them by saying: "You are a sinner and repent again, Allah, you are joking. On the contrary, while you are in sin, you do not need to repent, first give up the sin completely, then He gives back. Hales, he will repent." Do not fall for this trick of Satan. weekday. It doesn't matter how many crimes you've committed, no matter how much indecency you've committed. Why not pray to Allah, both people never stop this act of penance no

May Allah protect everyone. If anyone benefited from this, please
Please pray for me, God willing In return, he forgave me.

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